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moulvibazar24 is a new media platform that wants to foster social commitment and develop a strategically sustainable model of social entrepreneurship.

Project name: In search of all kinds of knowledge. We are next to you

Project location: By God’s grace we are in a good position and hope we can go forward.

Website: https://moulvibazar24.com

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/moulvibazar24bd/

Project description: Freedom is the first educational community blog site in Bangladesh. Where there will be different categories of education.

moulvibazar24 is a new media platform that covers news, history, social and economic issues, business, culture, lifestyle, and technology- exclusively in Bangla. With its unique mindset and business strategy, Moktokotha desires to present the stories of the Bangla-speaking people in a way which truly resonates with their thoughts and lifestyle.

moulvibazar24 vision

moulvibazar24 believe few better ways to connect the world and make it a better place thats power of knowledge. Moreover, Moktokotha bring the reliable content platform for the community home and abroad with very fast and accuracy.